Cindy Lynn's BBQ Prime Rib

You are going to love this recipe for BBQ Prime Rib

Cindy Lynn’s BBQ Prime RibYou are going to love this recipe for BBQ Prime Rib with a whiff of smoke!  This is easy and makes mouth-watering Prime Rib…Ingredients

Step #1: Choosing the Right Prime Rib

Choose a Prime Rib that is well marbled and untrimmed (with all the fat); fat is your friend, it makes the Prime Rib juicy and flavorful.  A Bone-In Prime Rib will help to keep the moisture in the meat as well as adding flavor.

Step# 2: Seasoning Your Prime Rib

First, rub the outside with the Burgundy Peppercorn Mustard or a little Oil and then generously apply Cindy Lynn’s Black Label Dry Rub.  A heavy coating will make a beautiful, crusty, delicious bark. Make sure you get it on all sides including the bottom. Put a generous amount of garlic on the top of the Rib, gently patting it down. Wrap the Rib tightly in saran wrap and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator.  Next day, remove and let it come up to room temperature; about 2 -3 hours depending on the size of your Rib. Before putting the Rib on the BBQ, lightly dust the top with Cindy Lynn’s Cowboy Joe Dry Rub.

Step #3: BBQ It

Bring your BBQ to 200-225° F using indirect heat and add a little wood.  For mild smoke flavor, use Cherry, Apple, Plum, Pecan or Maple.  For a heavier smoke flavor, hardwood like Hickory, Oak or Mesquite used in moderation (only a few chunks).  Too much smoke will over power the meat. Add a drip pan filled with wine. Keep adding wine (or water) during the cooking so the wine does not burn or evaporate.

Prime Rib cooks at about 30 minutes per pound.  The size of the Rib and temperature of your BBQ will dictate the amount of time needed.  The hotter the temperature the shorter the cooking time.  Make sure to monitor the internal temperature closely especially near the finish… you do not want to overcook!

Step #4: Pull and Rest

Once the internal temperature hits 120-140°, pull the Prime Rib off the BBQ, tent it with foil and let it rest.  Large cuts of meat will always gain 5-15 degrees after being removed from the BBQ.  Depending on the size and thickness of the Rib it can take up 45 mins.


  • Medium Rare: Pull at 125-130°; rest for a 135-140° finish
  • Medium: Pull at 135-140°; rest 140-145° finish
  • Depending on size, a tented Rib should rest for about 15-45 minutes.